About the Artist

 I was born in Piraeus in 1953.
In 1976 I moved from my hometown to the island of Symi.
Symi, a bride generously gifted by Apollo and Poseidon The island where rock , sea and sun worked together to create a wonder.

The absolute poetic balance of nature and architecture. This wonder is my Ithaca. Having a quite particular relationship with art, I consciously remain a servant of the unprocessed expression. Which means that I work with the feeling and mood, before it passes through filters of the intellect. Lately ,while listening to music,i pour paint on the canvas and work without having something particular in mind. Liberated from the weight of < must> I feel free to spread myself in the space of the canvas and create my colour moods.

I don’t want to say something in particular with my work.My aim is to stimulate various feelings and create, moods.
What interests me is the diversity of vision. The imaginary picture that is created in the mind of the viewer, the reaction of feelings ,and mood that it creates. Movement is a basic element of my work.It gives energy and tension, that goes beyond the static surface of the canvas.

I want every canvas to be a journey, in which the viewer chooses his destination, according to the mood created by the picture.This journey is never the same, a change in the mood, changes the destination.

Nikos Psarros.